Monday, March 24, 2008

Ollie Young Bear

Hello All,
I am Ollie Young Bear. I am an Indian living in northeastern Montana. I have a wife whose name is Doris Strickland, and together we have two children. I graduated from Montana State University in Bozeman and was a deacon at First Lutheran Church. I am also a pitcher for the Elk's fast-pitch softball team, I just love the game. On weekends I head to the reservation and bring bats and balls so the guys there can play baseball.
I don't know why so many people are making such a big fuss about this mascot issue. The college is not trying to be offensive, and I think people are just taking this too far. If anything, I believe the Sioux should feel honored that they were chosen as a mascot in the first place. Not just anyone can be a mascot, think about it..


zoe said...

Ok then if you think they are taking this too far, why are you looking the other way as my fellow college students are hootin and hollerin like they are so called "native americans". I'm not sure if you know this, but my people were more than just warriors.

-Winona Native American UND student

Emily_P said...

Dear Ollie Young Bear,

I am glad to know that as a Native American, you don't find offense in the Fighting Sioux mascot. As President of UND, I try to look at the issue from both sides and feel that a balance must be created. I am happy to know you feel honored to be able to have such a strong symbol and I know our school holds the Native American people in the highest respects. Thank you.


Chuck Kupcello
President of the University of North Dakota

Mike B. said...

Not just anyone can be a mascot? Wow this is a very, very ignorant statement. Look at other universities in the areas mascot's. The Gophers, Badgers, Haweyes, Jackrabbits. Oh yes, it seems like anyone can be a mascot these days...if they are an animal! By having the Fighting Sioux as the schools mascots the university is degrading these people to the rights of that of a gopher, a badger, or even a jackrabbit. You must have more respect for you and you're people than what you have shown.

-Douglas Heartman

Chelseaw said...

Ollie Young Bear-
I definitely agree with what you had to say about the mascot. I don't know how some can make it seem like such a negative thing. It is meant to be positive! The "Fighting Sioux" has never been offensive to anyone.
-Tim Smith

Jeff T said...

I feel she is not taking this to far at at i feel that she ha every right to feel that way I also agree with her the Fighting Sioux is a wonderful name and i too am a native american and I feel that everyone is a warrior that goes there

AlyssaV said...

Mr. Young Bear,
I respect your opinions entirely. I think the Indians should be proud of what they’ve got. They are being immature to whine about what’s going on. Everyone is discriminated against. It’s how you take the criticism that determines your character. I respect you as a person, but I must admit I think your people need to shape up and take some responsibility. I think you are a very ambitious person, and I want to say “good job” for taking initiative. I hope your softball team does well. I think what you are doing for you community is very kind and strong. I hope you can set a good example for all of your people. It would be nice to see the reservation turn out more people like you!


Gorman said...

Hey hubby,
Great stand on the issue you make me so proud! We've never even talked about this issue and we think the same way about! Keep up your pride, go Fighting Sioux!

Brandon K. said...

I do believe that you are correct on this issue. Not everyone can be a mascot, so if you are one you should feel honored. We look at your people and see a great sense of pride. We do not want to lower that sense of pride with a mascot, but raise it by demonstrating what the Sioux really believe in.

-Davey Hastol, UND Hockey Coach

ABarmore said...

I am thinking about it, and you are right not just anyone can be a mascot. But a Mascot should not cause ridicule to anyone, especially the native americans. You have had to endure so much, why would you want people ranting and raving about your past. They do not know your customs but yet they try to act them out. They are very disrespectful to the name. The name has to be changed very quickly or there will be major problems.
-mike sanders

Jillian said...


I find your stance on this subject extremely offensive. Native Americans are people NOT mascots. Mascots are usually animals and symbols not a group of people.