Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Gail Hayden

I am a happily married woman, with a son whom I adore. My husband works as a sheriff in Mercer Country. We live in Bentrock, Montana. I grew up not far from where I live now. I would love to move and have my husband be a attorney or something to do with law. I feel this would make him happy and it would put our family in a much better place. I strongly believe in my religion. I was born and raised a Lutheran girl.

I feel that the situation with the Native American mascot is absurd. In no way should it matter whether the mascot is Native American or not. It is not our place to judge which race a mascot is chosen to be. Whatever a school wants to be represented by is there own decision. It makes me sick to think that this is even an issue to be discussed. It is no one place to judge others when it comes to there race. Everyone should be treated the same.


Emily G said...

I agree that it shouldn't matter what race the mascot is. I am proud that people are representing to my heritage. I appreciate the great care you took of Marie while she was ill. So sad she didn't make it. Take care Gail

Emily_P said...
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Emily_P said...

Dear Mrs. Gail Hayden,

I understand your argument against the name and mascot of the 'Fighting Sioux.' As President of UND, I feel we must listen to the argument and debate from each individual. I would just like to point out that our school does host students on both side of the discussion at hand. I was hurt to find you felt the name and mascot to be offensive. While we are working upon the name, our logo symbolizes the respect of tribes and the responsibility our school must hold. The feather is to symbolize the achievements our school has made in academics, athletic and lifelong experiences. This is the same similar view the American Indians hold for their eagle feathers which symbolize power, strength and spirituality. The colors our mascot wears even hold a deep passionate feeling. If you wish to know more about the logo, which was created by the Native America Bennett Brien, or the Native American people, you may visit the links I have giving to you at the bottom of this letter.


Chuck Kupcello

President of University of North Dakota


mgartner said...

As a tribe leader, I am glad to know that you feel that we shouldn't be judged by our race and that we should be treated equally. Knowing that you don't think the mascot name should be thought of as judgmental to my race is very comforting. Thank you for not being judgmental of indians!
-Sitting Moose

JHeinitz said...

Cheya big momma, speak your mind. I agree with you on your thoughts, there are a lot bigger issues surrounding the Indians than just a mascot.

Emily_P said...

Dear Mrs. Gail Hayden,

The reason why I, and the NCAA, National College Athlete Association, are debating this issue is because there are people who disagree with the use of my mascot. The question is what is the majority view dealing with this mascot. Already we do have schools which aren't attending the some of the school's events because they don't support our mascot. However, there is even debate between the Native American tribes. It should be noted that while one tribe doesn't wish for us to use the name, another tribe has given us permission as long as we provide our students with the cultural background and respect. I feel that this is the best way to address this issue.
In fact at UND we have a Native Media Center that centers around the communication of Native Americans. Here is a statement from the Native Media Center:

"The Native Media Center’s mission is to promote diversity in the field of communication by increasing awareness of American Indian issues among mainstream media professionals, attracting Native students into journalism and communication careers."

Thank you for your concerns with the programs and mascot. I hope this debate can be resolved peaceful with a majority of the population and Native American tribes content.


Chuck Kupcello
President of University of North Dakota

Brandon K. said...

I do not feel that schools should be able to represent themselves, but I do agree that our name is not offensive. I am proud that so many people agree, and I feel that we represent the Sioux in a very positive manor. The name is not offensive, because it shows the spirit that is the mighty Sioux

-Davey Hastol, UND Hockey Coach

emilyo said...

I definetly agree that this shouldn't be a big deal. Also everyone should be treated equal. I don't think that having a mascot being your race is disrespectful.
-Enid Hayden

Jake S said...

Hey there Gail. I feel the same exact way you do dear, the mascot name should not be the main concern for this University. After all it should really be hockey that is the concern here. People just have got to stop worrying about the little things, and focus on the big issue, which is the game itself. This is not our place, let the school board decide if it is a good name or not. Thanks for your contribution Gail.

Gloria Hayden

LDea said...

Thanks for taking care of me while I was ill. You helped the time go by peacefully (somewhat). I enjoyed being around your family. I agree with you about having the mascot situation such a big deal. But I also think that yes the tribe should be able to have a say in it because its their mascot. But Im glad that such a good team is representing my culture. Im glad I got to hear your opinion on this topic.

Marie Little Solider

Ryan Vaudreuil said...

Gail, you have it just right. Who cares if its named after the Indians. They don't have the right to change a name of a mascot. For gosh sakes, they don't own the school. If they don't like the name, don't go there. Thats what I always say.

-Deputy Len McAuley

Laura B said...

Gail, thankyou for being respectful in making your decision. SOme people are not as respectful as you and that is why I support a change of the mascot. Thankyou for your time. -Jon Ekohak

ABarmore said...

You are very respectful women. You endured a lot during the book, but stayed strong throughout it all. But the Mascot situation is not absurd. It needs to be changed. Where is the justice? The Indians have been through so much because of the white government, they do not need to live it anymore. Whenever they turn the T.V. they see the mascot and that reminds them of the hard times they have been through.
-mike sanders

HLFlug said...

Dear Gail,
If you are saying that everyone should be treated the dame then we need to respect the opinion of the Native Americans. They feel that the name is disrespecting their part of American History. How does anybody have the right to say that their view doesnt matter?
-Editor, The Dakota Student

Josh R said...
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Josh R said...

You speak with words of wisdom Gail. Everyone should be treated equal. But I ask you does that mean there should be a team called the "white men," or the "Mexicans." To me that sounds disrespectful. In the end I think it is up to the race being represented. The "Sioux" are my people and I have no problem in this case as long as we are represented with honor. As to the history behind my ancestry I come from the Yanton tribe. One of the middle tribes from the "Seven Council Fires." I leave you in peace.

Chelseaw said...

I completely agree with what you had to say. It shouldn't be such a big deal. It's whatever the school decides, I don't think others should really have a say in it.
-Tim Smith