Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dan Snidyr Redskins Owner

Hey guys and gals. I'm the owner for the Washington Redskins, Chairman of the board at Six Flags, and I am the owner of the Johnny Rockets food chain, so I am loaded! I got a beautiful wife named Tanya, two daughters, and a son. I am proud to say that I am the owner of the Redskins and don't find it offensive at all if our team mascot is a redskin, the only thing I do find offensive is if we lose a darn game! Everybody needs to lighten up and just focus on what's important, the game itself, not the mascot. Besides, having a mascot such as the Fighting Sioux and the Redskins gives us a sense of pride in our country's history and the people that represented our country long ago. So, people that are making a fuss about the Fighting Sioux just need to let the players play and stop focusing on things that aren't important to the sport itself. Have a good day!


Jake S said...

Hello there Dan. I think you have the right idea going on. The mascot really is not the important issue here, the game is. Thanks for your two cents.

Gloria Hayden

LDea said...

Hey Dan-Dan!
I agree with you on the pride the mascot gives while playing the game. The mascot comes from a good tribe and should be supported by good sport teams. Thanks for your time!

Marie Little Solider

DJFrey said...

You know what Dan-o, I agree with you 101% that there is nothin wrong with a little red skin, I must say though I don't take pride in the history of the Indians, they just need to stick to the reservations and give me a call when they need some treatment.

Ryan Vaudreuil said...

Hi Dan. You're right, its not the mascot that counts, its the game. I think its the same for the Fighting Sioux. Them Indians should be glad that white people think about them enough to make them a mascot in the first place. In my opinion, its ok to name a mascot after an indian but its not ok to take away their liberties or do any real harm to them.

-Len McAuley

ABarmore said...

Big Dan,
You have terrible ideas. The ideas do not make sense. You are making fun of the Native American past, not using it as a sense of pride. The pain they have gone through is enough, they do not need to be reminded every time they turn on a NFL game. It is terrible that you think it is fun to be playing under this name.
-mike sanders

Laura B said...

Dan, I disagree with what you said. As an American, our history has times in it where the Native Americans were disrespected against. As a Native American, I have seen students being disrespectful to my beliefs and heritage. I respect your opinion, but lets agree to disagree. -Jon Ekohak

zoe said...

Your name is even worse than the fighting sioux. It is such an archaeic portrayal of a group of people. Please take a look at if someone made a team called The Paleskins. So how would you feel about that?

-Winona Native American UND student

Mike B. said...

Dan, you say you dont find it offensive that your mascot is a redskin, well then why dont you tell me what a Redskin is? There is not Indian tribe called the "redskins" a redskin is a racist name used by white men to describe a Native American. Calling an Indian a "redskin" is no different than calling a black man a "nigger". For as bad as the North Dakota mascot is your teams name is much, much worse.

-Douglas Heartman

Chelseaw said...

I completely agree with you. It's good to hear that someone else feels the same about this situation. The game is what is important!!
-Tim Smith

Jeff T said...

you make a good point on stating that its about representing that game for what it is and not looking so much about the name. your a smart man thank you

Gorman said...
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Gorman said...

Thanks for your post Dan,
We don't have a professional team out here in Montana, but looks like your under the same pressure as UND! Stay proud and don't let them take the name from you either. You own the Redskins not the.. Washington Apple Pickers.

-Doris Strickland

Alli L said...

Hi Dan,
I agree with your views on the topic of UND's mascot. I think that it truly is honoring the tribe and I would think that eveyrone would feel the same way. I don't think that it is offensive in any way. Thanks for your opion and I'm glad there is people out there who agree with me.
-David Hayden