Tuesday, March 18, 2008

UND hockey fan

Hey there everybody. I am currently a student at UND and am proud to say that my life revolves around hockey. Ever since I was a little boy it was my dream to be playing hockey at UND and follow in the footsteps of my father who taught me everything I know about the sport. Unfortunatly I didn't seem to inherit the athletic genes that my father was glorified with. Despite my inability to be out on the ice I never miss an opportunity to be watching the team in the stands. I am probably the most crazy hockey superfan you can imagine, usually doning facepaint and the whole works.

When I first started hearing about the controversy over our school mascot I was shocked. I had never even considered the fact that our mascot being the "Fighting Sioux" could be offensive. I grew up around the campus and have always felt that it's the most respectful place to be. With the controversies about the mascot being debated all I can think about is how my hockey career (well the teams) might be affected. I mean we have a chance to win the NCAA championships this year and I'm not gonna miss an opportunity like that! I don't know what I would do if the hockey games were no longer allowed to take place. Maybe I would start doing my homework again, but i would sacrifice it any day for the roar of the crowd when our team scores a goal. Amazing. I would just like the controversy to be solved. I have been loyal to the school and like the tradition of being the "Fighting Sioux", but as long as the hockey stays the same I would accept a new name. Although it would be even better if we can just keep the name. Whatever happens, hockey better not be postponed or my weekly routine will be all out of whack.


mgartner said...

I'm glad to hear the the "Fighting Sioux" name is a respectful tradition. The only reason I would get truly offended by the name is if it was disrespectful to our tribe. As a tribe leader, knowing that the "Fighting Sioux" isn't used as a derogatory name makes me feel better about the whole issue.
-Sitting Moose

Brandon K. said...

I am glad to hear students that feel the same way I do. As the hockey coach it is nice to know that their are many students that have our back. As a student myself, I felt the same way you do.

-Davey Hastol, UND Hockey Coach

ABarmore said...

It is cool for you that you think the Fighting Souix is part of a respectful tradition. That is not true though. The punishment and ridicule that some students have to endure because of the name is not true at all. Read my bio and let me know then what you think about the name. It is not respectful, and nothing will get better unless the name is changed.
-Mike Sanders

LaurenVann said...

UND hockey fan-
I'm glad that you're taking pride in the "fighting Sioux" name rather than joining in with the people who are opposed to this name. Being a college student, it is important that you take pride in your school. I suggest that anyone currently attending UND that is opposed to the fighitng Sioux name should transfer. It was your choice to go to this school and you should accept it for everything it has to offer, mascot and all.
-Cathy Kristin

LDea said...

I can see from your picture that people at UND are very serious about supporting their teams. I understand that people see the mascot and its intimidating to others. The Indian tribe can be very represenative and it represents the people. Good luck with the NCAA championship this year!! I agree with you with what would the mascot be if it were changed. Thanks for listening.

Marie Little Solider

Chelseaw said...

It is good to hear that you support the hockey team as well! I am glad that you also don't find the "Fighting Sioux" name offensive. I feel the same way. I think that, if anything, it shows pride and support.

-Tim Smith

Ryan Vaudreuil said...

I agree with you that its stupid that they are trying to change the name. In the end, what counts is the hockey. I heard the team is getting a lot of great new recruits from Minnesota for next year. Its a good thing we didn't get the O'Donnell kid, he sucks.

-Deputy Len McAuley

Laura B said...

Hello UND fan. I respect your opinion of tradition at the school and the mascot. Try to keep an open mind to what it might be like to be discrimainated against and then have a mascot of your people. Even if you arent disrepactful there are other students at UND that are. Thanks for your time. -Jon Ekohak

Alli L said...

Dear Hockey Fan,
I agree with you on the the topic of how the fighting Sioux name is honoring the tribe and not suppose to be seen as disrespectful. I am glad to hear that the students feel the same way I do on this issue. Keep cheering and having fun at the games.
David Hayden

Mike B. said...

Dear Crazed fan,

Changing the mascot's name would not equal in a suspended hockey season. Changing the name would be a win-win for everybody. It would get rid of this problem and the UND hockey team could still compete under a new, and probally better name.

Mike B. said...

-Douglas Heartman

Gorman said...

Great to get a student perspective on hear, especially a fan! Tradition means a lot and and I agree. Pride means a lot and I'm glad there's plenty of that going on around campus!

Doris Strickland

Jillian said...

It's very nice to know that you fully support your team and school. It's nice to hear as well that if the school mascot changed you would still be supportive because i do not think it's right to use people as mascots.