Monday, March 17, 2008

Wes Hayden

I am Wesley (Wes) Hayden. I am Sheriff of Mercer County Montana, as my father was before me. I have lived in Mercer County for my entire life, and my family is very prominent. I have a son, David (Davey) and a wife, Gail, who is a secretary in the register of Deeds Office. I studied in school to be and attorney (University of North Dakota Law School), and am a member of both the North Dakota and Montana Bar Associations. However, when my father retired, he decided to pass the title of sheriff on to me, and I had no choice but to accept; much to my wife's dismay. The title, strangely enough, skipped over my older brother, Frank. I am his opposite. I am not very charismatic. I am liked, but I am not loved in the community. Unlike my brother, I stayed home during the war, a fact my father will never let me forget. When I was sixteen I was kicked by a horse and my leg was broken. It was permanently damaged to the point that I cannot walk comfortably. It must look strange, a sheriff with a v-shaped leg and a limp. I am still self conscious about the fact.

It seems as if everyone wants me to be someone I'm not. My father insists that I be my brother. My wife wants a bigger town where I can be an attorney. And my son. I see the way David looks at my gun when he thinks I'm not around. It is the only one I have, and I took it off some guy so he could catch a bus to Billings. He's a boy, and wants me to wield my power. I'm not that way. I like to think I'm level headed and calm tempered. I try to be fair, but I have the predisposition to judge Indians as lazy and shiftless.


Emily_P said...

Dear Mr. Wes Hayden,

As President of UND, I wish to gather together all the ideas people have upon the debate between whether or not our college should use the name, "Fighting Sioux." As sheriff of Mercer County, I feel you have good sense of justice. How do you feel about our college using the name "Fighting Sioux" and would it effect your community in any sort of way? Thank you for your time.


President Chuck Kupcello of UND

APaetz said...


My love. I adore you so much and i hope you do not feel i put a lot of pressure on you because of your choice to not be an attorney. I will love you no matter what and i hope you know that. I want to thank you for all you do. I do not thank you enough. You are a great husband i love you very much.

~Gale Hayden (wife)

Laura B said...

Hello Wes. I would like to hear what you think about the UND mascot issue. I am not sure about how you feel about it. I think you would have interesting points to make. I know that you would make a respectful decsion whatever it may be. Thankyou for your time. -Jon Ekohak

Jeff T said...

you talk a lot about yourself but not much on the mascot issue i would like to here what you have to say about it thanks

Michelle said...

Shoot if I were an Indian I would want to be represented as an Indian. That's what they are and that's how they are represented. I don't see the problem. I am a nasty old guy and if a University wanted to portray me as a nast old guy then I would be fine with it. They just have to get over their insecurities and move on. Jeeze they cry over more things than my wife.
Julian Hayden

LDea said...

yes your brother is a very bad man! He has raped Indian women and you seemed not to believe that for so long! I would not be proud to be his brother!

Marie Little Solider

AlyMcP said...

Ah, my good friend Wes. How are you doing this fine evening? Thank you for your support on this issue. I completely agree that it's a person's character that determines how they react to criticism. I wish everyone was as understanding as you are my good man. Keep in touch, and if you have a spare moment, feel free to stop by the reservation for one of the games!
-Ollie Young Bear