Wednesday, March 19, 2008

UND Hockey Coach, Davey Hastol

Hey hockey fans, I am Davey Hastol, your UND Fighting Sioux Hockey coach. I have been the coach for UND since 2004, and played hockey at UND for four years. I have heard a lot about the controversy about our name and mascot. I feel that our mascot and name are not degrading by any means to the Sioux Tribe. With the name of Fighting Sioux, we show the kind of vigor and spirit that is the Sioux. If our name was "The Wimpy Sioux," or "The Cowardly Sioux," I could see why there would be complaints. But we show the very good side of the Sioux. I mean, where is the controversy for "The Fighting Irish." I don't see any leprechauns complaining. Our name also demonstrates the vigor of our college, and its student body. We are a very succesful hockey organization, and it would be a shame to have the name changed.

-Davey Hastol, UND Hockey Coach


Mike B. said...

Dear Davey Hastol

I agree with your comparison of the "Fighting Sioux" name to that of Notre Dame's "fighting Irish" logo. There is definitly a double standard with these two names. That being said I think the reason for that has to do with how native Americans have been persecuted since Columbus came over form Europe. Meanwhile the Irish havent nearly had as many problems in America. I agree with you that the University of North Dakota has a storied Hockey and changing the schools mascot will not change this. If the name was changed to a more appropriate name the programs past will not be erased and should remain in the fans memory.

Mike B. said...

sorry forgot...again, to sign my name. The last post was by Douglas Heartman, professor at the University of Minnesota.

mgartner said...

As a tribe leader I would find other titles offensive but the "Fighting Sioux" isn't as derogatory as people are making it out to be. Even though you talk about changing the word in front of 'Sioux,' the controversy is about using the word 'Sioux' at all. It's not so much about the word in front of it.
-Sitting Moose

LaurenVann said...

I completely agree with you. The "fighting Sioux" name is not one of cowardice or defeat, but pride and victory. This name is not, in any way, meant to be degrading to the Native Americans that once inhabited the land. I believe everyone should accept this name with pride.
-Cathy Kristin

LDea said...

Hey there coach!
I have heard many different peoples opinions on this topic. Im just curious if they really decide to change the mascot name what would they even change it to? Im glad your hockey team has been doing so well and you have helped them reach their goals. Im glad you see that the name represents a group of good people. Thanks for your time.

Marie Little Solider

Chelseaw said...

I definitely agree with what you had to say about the "Fighting Sioux" name. I think that it does show pride. In no way does it show anything offensive or hurtful to anyone.

-Tim Smith

DJFrey said...
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DJFrey said...

Absolutely Davey, just let things chill. The Sioux are being recognized for the legacy of dominance they had in the past, who are they to complain to us? They need to appreciate.

Frank Hayden

APaetz said...

Dear Davey Hastol

I want to give you a lot of respect for the way you are handling this situation. It is a lot of pressure being in the place you are. I'm glad you don't let it effect the way your team plays. Whatever ends up happening, i wish you the best of luck. Keep up the good coaching! Good luck with the rest of the season!

~Gale Hayden

Laura B said...

Hello Davey, I think you make a good point about if the UND name was different and was directly degrading. I think that the disrespecting comes from the students at games who are dressed up as what they think a Native American looks like. I think you might feel differently if you had been disrespected against. Congrads on your hockey success! Thank you for your time. -Jon Ekohak

Alli L said...

Dear Davey Hastol,
I agree with how you feel on the mascot "the fighting Sioux." I think that it shows a sense of pride and honor. If anything I would think that Native Americans would like that the University recognizes the brave and strong tribe.
David Hayden

Josh R said...

Mr. Hastol, first off congrats on "proving to be one of the dominant teams in the nation just as you did last year at this time." I am curious as to whether you think the schools success plays a part in representing my people the "Sioux." The school has shown that it can compete with the best in hockey, Wcha final five, but would the name still be represented with honor if the school had a bad team? Just looking out for my people. I leave you in peace.
-Little Wing

Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

Yeah and I am smart for going to the store to buy my stuff. Thats the point. The Indians need to learn to catch up with times and do the things our way now. It is a lot easier and much more efficient. I am glad you don't want to change the mascot. I agree it isn't degrading at all. It shows they fought and were somewhat strong. Heck I would love for a University to make a me their mascot and call themselves the "Fighting Julians" I think that would be a real honor. I wouldn't complain so why are they?

Julian Hayden

mollym said...

I once hoped to be a student at your school, however, I was denied. I would have loved coming to the hockey games to cheer the team on. I understand what you are saying and it is a very good point. However, I would really like to know how many Native Americans actually play on your team? If say the Sioux is so strong and powerful, you should give the real life Sioux a chance to play on your team. Thanks for your time and good luck in your season.
-Ronnie Tall Bear

E.Holmquist said...

Davey Hastol-

Wow. I admire you so much. You might remember me from hockey try outs (the one who never makes it). I am such a huge fan of yours and I don't even mind that you benched me, you are still me biggest inspiration. I totally agree with you man. We represent the Fighting Sioux in a positive way. I think my spirit and enthusiasm help demonstrate the kind of pride the student body shows in their school. I know the hockey team will continue to represent our school perfectly. I hope the issue gets solved soon so our hockey team isn't affected.
-UND hockey fan

Gorman said...

What great insight you have, sir!

The FIGHTING Sioux is important to the name.. and I'm glad you pointed that out. That's respect and honor they try to give the tribe with the name. In no way are they attempting to mock or disrespect the tribe but make them seem powerful. Good luck next season, coach!

Doris Strickland

AlyMcP said...

Dear Davey Hastol,
I must agree with what my wife said, you have a great insight! Thank you for noticing the great pride that my people and I share about our background. I would be very willing to get more involved with this topic, and help support your team's mascot. Please let me know if there is anything I can do. Thank you again for your understanding and concern.
Sincerely, Ollie Young Bear