Monday, March 17, 2008

Sitting Moose, Tribal Leader of North Dakota Sioux Community

My name is Sitting Moose and I am a tribal leader in the North Dakota Sioux community. I am a jury member which requires me to keep an open mind about what to think on the issue of the 'Fighting Sioux' sports team name. Feel free to influence me about this issue to help me decide my opinions as a juror.

The name of my tribe is the Spirit Lake Tribe. Our reservation is located in east-central North Dakota near the shores of Devil's Lake. Currently, the Spirit Lake Tribe is operating the Spirit Lake Casino. I, however, am a professor at the nearby Cankdeska Cikana Community College teaching a class about traditional customs of the tribe. I was the traditional 'Medicine Man' for the tribe. I helped to spiritually heal the ill. After many years of working with the ill I felt it was time to educate the community about our tribe. I am somewhat sensitive to the sports teams names that include native american influences. It is an honor to have a team named after us, but I do have some suspicions that they are mocking our culture.


Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

You better vote to keep the mascot the same or I'll come to your little community college to get you, take you to my land, and blow your brains out. I got a whole lot a guns and I am really good at using them. No one will ever realize you are gone 'cause you are just a lazy Indian and no one will ever find your body. I may just cut off one of your hands and leave you out there for the coyotes. That way you can die by mother nature or whatever you redskins believe is the best way to die. Or I'll shoot you up. Good luck with your decision and I hope I just made it much easier.
Julian Hayden

Michelle said...

I just read your post on my bio and your damn sure it is an honor. If it were up to me the University would have never taken the name of the Fighting Sioux. You guys lost and why would a University with supposedly the best hockey team want to be named after a losing tribe? Beats me but they did and now they are going to have to keep it. You guys are lucky a bunch of high class professors at a University even considered let alone chose to represent your tribe with their mascot. You should be happy cause if that mascot weren't the Fighting Sioux, no one would even know you guys still existed.
Julian Hayden

Emily_P said...

Dear Sitting Moose,
I am glad you remain open minded about the situation and controversy over our school's mascot, 'The Fighting Sioux'. Our college, The University of North Dakota, holds the highest respect for all the people of our communities. To put you at ease, I would like to turn your attention to this particular website:

This website will help to further your knowledge upon the logo of our school. The artist, Bennett Brien, a North Dakota Native American, created this logo for both the people of the school and of the tribal nations. I have talked with other nations around the North Dakota area about the mascot name. As I understand, you are one who believes that the name could be used if there is proper education upon to our students dealing with the name "Sioux." I believe this is the correct path to take so our students understand the name and what the mascot symbolizes. If you have any further questions, feel free to write me back. Thank you once again Sitting Moose.


Chuck Kupcello

President of University of North Dakota

Emily_P said...

Dear Sitting Moose,

I understand your concern with the derogatory statements that could be made upon the name "Fighting Sioux." Unfortunately, this is because of other schools chants that such statements arise. I wish to discontinue the use of the statements however it is up to the other schools to sit their fan students down and talk with them about the terms they use. I will do my part in the argument by addressing the schools that use these derogatory chants during games. I feel that it is an honor to have your people be the symbol for our school. We respect your people and your nation. Our school of UND even holds classes and has a Native Media Center which works with the communication between our college and the tribes throughout the nation. Here is the website in case you need any further information:

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.


President Chuck Kupcello of UND

HLFlug said...

Sitting Moose,
You are very correct in being a proud tribal leader. You and your tribe should be proud that UND wants to powerfully represent your people and background. UND athletics are soon changing to division 1 and these college students prove how they respect their mascot name by their spirit and determination. It is clear that many students from opposing teams ridicule UND and the mascot name, however it happens at any school. There are always those few disrespectful fans that rip down the other team. I believe that although this is occuring, you and your tribe should be proud that the UND students are going above the ridicule and proving that they are the best.....p.s. I like your name! : )
-Editor, The Dakota Student

LaurenVann said...

Sitting Moose-
Although I am not personally affiliated with the decision of the "fighting Sioux" mascot name in any way, I can assure you that in no way did UND create this mascot to "mock" your tribe. The mascot itself was created by a Native American and is supposed to be a proud representative of your culture.
-Cathy Kristin

Jake S said...

Hello Sitting Moose. I think that the name should stick. I can't see who the name is offending. Why would the Sioux Indians take offense to having their name represented by a highly respected hockey program? It just makes no sense. This issue has been blown way out of proportion, and has got to be stopped debating. The name is an honorable one and should remain. Hope you feel the same way on this topic Sitting Moose because you are one that can really influence the ways this shakes down. I wish you all the best, and know you will do the right thing.

Gloria Hayden

LDea said...
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LDea said...

Hey there Sitting Moose! I like your picture. I don't think they are mocking our mascot I think they are proud of our tribe and believe they are strong people. As that the sport teams that play at UND are very good at what they do so at least they represent us too. We are good people and they follow that too. So I hope this helps you decide to keep the mascot. Hopefully you will do the right thing. Thanks for your time!!

Marie Little Solider

Ryan Vaudreuil said...

Sitting Moose,
There is nothing wrong with the North Dakota mascot being the fighting Sioux. After all, its historically accurate. I believe that the name is not even racist at all. The name isn't "Everone hates the Sioux", its the "Fighting Sioux". It is not your decision to name the mascot of a college. It is entirely up to the people that are in charge of the college. Thanks for hearing me out. Make the right choice.

-Deputy Len McAuley

Laura B said...

Sitting Moose, thankyou for your support I am glad to see that you feel so passionately about the respect of our people. -Jon Ekohak

ABarmore said...

Sitting Moose,
Hey big guy. They are mocking you, there should be no mascot names that are dealing with Native Americans. It is unfair to you guys as a whole. It is disrespectful. I will fight for you guys until this is changed. We do not need the name around anymore. I apologize for the past memories you have had to endure, but we will not remind you about it anymore.
-mike sanders

Josh R said...

Sitting Moose, not only do I respect what you say because of who you are but because you speak with such wisdom. Playing to both sides as fellow jury member is no easy task. I am leaning towards leaving the mascot the same. I see no problem with it as long as we are shown the utmost respect. If you have any thoughts of how this might be disrespectful please inform me as I don't want to be bias toward one side. I leave you in peace.
-Little Wing

Jeff T said...

Sitting moose,
I think the name should stay the way it is I a fellow Native American of a different tribe can see where you are coming from but i think you have to look at the respect issue that it brings your tribe to be able to have a school named after you.

E.Holmquist said...

Sitting Moose-
I am a student at UND and I am proud to represent the Sioux community with our logo. I have been involved in the school for years and I have seen many people wear the name with pride. I feel that no one is trying to disrespect the name of the Sioux. As a fan of hockey I think it brings the student body together to support and encourage our fellow UND students. I would encourage you to keep the name or come up with a decision soon since I would like to see the hockey team remain unaffected by this issue.
-UND hockey fan

JHeinitz said...

moose on da loose,
i appreciate your input and i love the fact that you are a down native American. You seem to have great leadership in your community so hopefully you can spread the word that we as a hockey team would never mock you. We have mad respect for you and think your cool.