Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Kris Porther- Hockey Captain

What's poppin' ya'll midwesterners. My named is Kris Porther, I grew up Toronto, Canada so as a young whippersnapper I was destined to play puck. In 2003 I plan to enter the NHL draft and see where hockey will take me as a career. As of now I am the captain of the North Dakota Fighting Sioux hockey squad, whoop whoop! I am real excited about our prospects this year as a team but I am disappointed in all of this turmoil surrounding our mascot. Every time I pull those threads over my head and wear the mascot of the Fighting Sioux on my chest I feel very proud and strong. I believe that this mascot is not disrespectful to the tribe (unless we lose, just kidding), and the tribe should be excited to see it every time they flip on their tuber.


mgartner said...

As a North Dakota tribe leader, I feel honored that you take pride in the name of the Sioux. Many of my fellow Indians have been upset over this issue, but knowing that the hockey captain thinks of the name as an honor makes me feel better about sports teams using our name.
-Sitting Moose

zoe said...

I don't understand how you think that this is ok to use people as mascots.I feel like people are creating this totally wrong stereotype of my people, also it is hurting my fellow native american classmates. How can you be so supportive of your fans who sit around in the stands chanting and pretending like they know who we are, they don't know our traditions, they don't know the real us! As a leader in the sports field, take a stand and stop this wrongful stereotyping.

-Winona, Native American UND student

APaetz said...

I am very proud of you young man. It says a lot about you and your passion for hockey. This issue should not even be an issue at your school. No one should be judged by there cover. You honor your team as a captain and prove it in this situation. Keep up the good work! Dont let ANYONE change your mind!

Brandon K. said...

Hey nice playing last game. By the way I am glad you feel the same way I do with all the controversy thats going on with the Fighting Sioux. Its really satisfying that students feel unified in this effort to keep the name the same.

-Davey Hastol, UND Hockey Coach

LaurenVann said...

I am pleased that you take pride in your school mascot. I think it's foolish that people spend time fuming over whether a mascot is offensive or not. Sometimes, I think people oppose the name just to cause a controversy. Good luck with the hockey season.
-Cathy Kristin

emilyo said...

You should feel proud it is the mascot for your school. I don't think the fighting sioux as a mascot is disrespectful also. Good luck with your season!
-Enid Hayden

Jake S said...

Kris, I find your reasoning great! Also I find it important that you are the one saying all of this. It really should be up to the boys playing the game, not all the fans deciding over a mascot name. I agree the name should stay.

Gloria Hayden

LDea said...

Well Mr. Kris thats quite the honor to be the captain of such a good team. I agree with you about feeling like its more of an honor to wear the mascot rather then defending people. I am personally glad that people can wear my mascot to represent the good people in our tribe. Good luck with your future in hockey!

Marie Little Solider

Laura B said...

Kris, thankyou for being respectful while having the mascot of the school. I do think that some students are being disrespectful though and it should be up to the people being discrimated against to decide if it is appropriate or not. Thankyou for your time. -Jon Ekohak

HLFlug said...

hello Kris!
I agree with you! I think that you are a great example of an athlete that wears your name with dignity and honor. I think that the Indian community does not realize that the students at UND respect and honor their mascot name. The athletics at UND are becoming division 1 and proves the strength and determination of the Indian history.
-Editor, The Dakota Student

Alli L said...

Hey Kris, I agree with your view on the mascot "fighting sioux" not being offended. I am glad to hear that the captain of the UND hockey team feels the same way. I think it shows honor and pride towards the tribe. I really hope that the controversy dies down and that the name remains the same.
-David Hayden

Josh R said...

Kris, good work in the WCHA final five beating Colorado for third place. I wonder though if you believe getting first would honor my people more than a third place finish. Don't get me wrong the "Fighting Sioux," name is known because of your teams success I was just wondering what you thought. If the team wants to show respect to my people why not fight for first. HA just playing... But seriously what do you think. I leave you in peace.
-Little Wing

Jeff T said...

As a fellow Native American i feel your points on this subject or spot on the Native Americans that are caught up in this belief that it is disrespectful need to loosen up and really take pride in the Native American culture.

Tommy said...

K-dog! How's it going? I am glad to see that your hockey career has really blossemed. I also would like to say that I am in complete agreement with you when it comes to the controversy about your mascot. Believe me, I know what your feeling, all the bad mouthing we get, but you know what, you just have to stick to your gut, which I think in your case is the right decision. Goodluck pal. Dangle.

Dan Snidyr

E.Holmquist said...

Kris Porther-
I want to be you. I am your biggest fan and I wish I was out on the ice with you. Anyway I would like to say that I completely agree with you. Wearing the Fighting Sioux name is empowering and awesome. I wear it at every game and I feel the same amount of pride that you feel wearing the name. I think that the hockey team represents the name very well and I commend you on leading such an awesome team. I only wish I could be out on that ice one day. Oh well I'll continue to watch you guys from the stands. Win it all this year!
-UND hockey fan

Gorman said...

In response to Winona,
Mascot are believed to believed to bring good luck. They aren't used to ridicule anyone or disrespect anything. By keeping the mascot I think UND would be making a statement that they believe in showing pride in the people that developed their land.

Doris Strickland

ABarmore said...

Do you feel good that you are a hockey captain of this fake team that uses a disrespectful mascot name? Well you should feel good about the captain, but not of the team. It is a disgrace to all of the tribes. Are you guys even good? the Gophers win every time so who knows why you play.
-mike sanders