Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm deputy Len McAuley of Bentrock county. I'm second in command of the police department after Wes Hayden. I've been the deputy almost all of my life except when Mr. Hayden's terms expire. Then I serve one term as the Sheriff. I did the same thing for Wes's father Julian. Anyways, being the deputy of Bentrock county isn't real exciting. We don't do much more than arrest a few drunks on the weekend. Speaking of drunks, I kinda used to be one myself, but I've cleaned up my act since those days. Anyways, I heard about some controversy over the University of North Dakota mascot, the Fighting Sioux. I don't see why these indians would even be upset about being a mascot. They should be proud of it. What do they want to change it to anyways, the peaceful Sioux? All they ever did was fight until we put them in the reservations. If those Indians are going to protest it, I don't think anyone around here is going to listen to them anyways.
-Len McAuley


LDea said...

Hey there deputy Len McAuleey,
Im glad you have cleaned your act up since your drinking days. I believe why people from my tribe become upset is because people don't seem to appreciate what the Sioux really have done in history. I think we are a good group of individuals and I personally am glad such a good hockey team can be using our mascot. I agree now that the mascot at UND has been what is it for so long, what would they change it to? That would be another debate to change and find a name. Well thanks for you time and hope all is well.

Marie Little Solider

HLFlug said...

Hello there Deputy!
I understand how Indians may feel disrespected by other college students and the derogatory comments however it happens at every school. I agree with you that the name should not be changed. It is unnecessary and would take too much time. They should be proud that UND wants to represent their name, but people need to learn to respect the Indians opinion. Thanks for listening!
-Editor, The Dakota Student

DJFrey said...
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DJFrey said...

Your darn right Lenny, they are some fighters, those red skinned people. But where I am really with you on this is that they couldn't get the mascot changed if they wanted, they simply don't have the political power in our white world.

Frank Hayden

DJFrey said...
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DJFrey said...

Well well Lenny quite the big shooter aren't you? Well with my family legacy and wealth to be honest I am not the least bit threatened by you. I am going to continue doing what I do.

Frank Hayden

Brandon K. said...

Hey Len, I am glad to see that you have stopped your drinking problems. I am also glad we have your support on this controversial issue. I also feel like the Fighting Sioux is not derogatory, but demonstrates the great morals of the the Sioux. Many people look at these morals and then know what our college represents.

ABarmore said...

How is the rehab going? Last time I heard about you, you were a mess. It is a shame that you think it is okay to have the Native American name as a mascot. They are not proud of it, and the students get pissed about it to. They get ridiculed everyday for having the Indian mascot. If they get enough power, people will listen and the name can be changed.
-mike sanders

Laura B said...

Hello, I think that you make a good arguement. I think think that you could be more respectful in expressing your opinion. I think the reason for changing the name is from the students at UND. Some of them have been disrepectful. Some of the Native American students feel like their history is being degraded. Thankyou for your input and thankyou for listening. -Jon Ekohak

ABarmore said...

Hey big guy! You asked me why I went there if I don't like the mascot name. I am sorry but I picked a school because of the education, not because of the mascot name.
-mike sanders

mgartner said...

Len McAuley,
I understand that it is not in our power to change the mascot's name. If it becomes offensive to my tribe, it is up to us to voice our opinions and stand up for our tribe. I personally think that as long as the students are respectful to the name, then it isn't a problem.
-Sitting Moose

zoe said...

You can't even start to comment about what is going on in the campus regarding this mascot problem. You are just sitting around in lil' old Montana thinking that if you don't see the problem then its not there! Yes it is racist, as a white person, would you like it if someone put an ajective wronfully portraying your people as a mascot?

Mike B. said...

Hello Len

You seem to have a pretty big mouth for a lowly deputy in some hick town in Montana. Did I mention that youre not even in charge out there, deputy sir. Well anyways you're views on the North Dakota mascot situation are quite racist and very ignorant of what is really at stake with this issue. I may not be a Indian but I know that they are not all "drunks", and "fighters" like you proclaim them to be. But sense you seem to be a fighting drunk I suggest they change the mascot to the "drunk deputies". Before the games you can run around the arena and fire up the crowd being you're drunk self. If you have a brain at all I think you would change your opinions after that experience.

-Douglas Heartman

AlyssaV said...

I was wondering what you'd have to say about all of this. I agree with you on everything except for keeping the damn mascot. I don't understand why people are holding to steadfastly to it. If someone gave me a reason to get rid of it, and I were in charge, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Might as well if they're going to be angry about it. If UND is going to keep the mascot, the Indians might as well be proud of it. We're commenting on their good aspects. It is, after all, the mascot for a number of good sports teams. They should be proud that someone is willing to put them up on a pedestal.


Tommy said...

Hey Len-o my man, glad to see you're back on the wagon. As Redskin owner I would have to agree with you on the UND controversy. I don't like all this hoo-ha about them Indians not liking our team mascot, they should be proud.

Dan Snidyr