Sunday, March 23, 2008

Marie Little Solider

Hey guys! I'm in my early twenties and live with my mother and my step dad. I am a member of the Hunkpapa Sioux which they were originally from the Fort Berthold Reservation in North Dakota. I came to Montana when my mother married a Canadian. He owned a bar in Bentrock. I love to laugh and have a good time with my friends. I like to tease people about everything, but if i think they are taking it to seriously I say, "Not so, not so!". My clothes never really fit me right, I always had to have the hand me down dresses... i hate that! I have a boyfriend who I adore. His name is Ronnie Tall Bear, he works on a ranch north of town. He is a very good athlete. I loved to watch him play baseball.

I believe that our mascot is a very strong symbol of our tribe. I personally would feel honored to wear our fighting Sioux across my chest while competing in sports. The symbol for me is a comfort thing, if I need encouragement it would help me a lot. I know my father think its defensive because they believe its for our tribe not for others to use and abuse it. He also view Indians as lower class and not being able to do things so to them the symbol is for people of lesser "class". My mother on the other hand thinks its a great idea to have a mascot represent such a great team.


Jake S said...

Marie I find your standpoint very respectful, and if I were a part of your tribe, I would feel the same pride as you do. Thats why I don't understand why some of your people dislike the name. The name was given to honor your people, not to make fun of. Well I'm glad I was able to hear what you had to say.

Gloria Hayden

DJFrey said...

Marie you have caused me so much grief, you need to tell your gosh darn father to lighten up or "not so, not so" cause he is plain wrong. You tell your father I told him that too.

Frank Hayden

Emily G said...
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Emily G said...

I agree with you Marie, I am also honored that such a succesful sports team wears our logo on their chest. I am proud that others, besides Native Americans are proud to represent our tribe.-Doris Looks Away

emilyo said...

Marie I agree with you and your mother,I think you should take it as a compliment.

emilyo said...

- Enid Hayden

APaetz said...

Dear Marie Little Solider

Thank you for your support! Im happy that a women like you agrees with me! I hope all is well and you are feeling much better1Thank you for all your help with everything. I could not do it without you. You are one special young women!

Love always,
Gale Hayden

mgartner said...

Marie Little Soldier,

Thank you for you comments. I have heard from many others that UND takes pride in the name of the "fighting Sioux." I'm glad to hear that you agree. The students have been respectful of our name and I don't think this should still be a controversy.

Sitting Moose

ABarmore said...

The mascot is not a strong symbol of any name. We must get rid of the name. It is a sign of disrespect to your tribe. We must remove this name. You have had to withstand a lot of pain and sorrow and the mascot should not have to remind you every time you see it. We must get rid of it right now.
-Mike sanders

Laura B said...

Marie, I think you have good point. I think that you are right in that school meant for the mascot to be respectful. Unfortunately, some of the students are being disrespectful and Native American students at the school feel like the mascot has a encouraged students to be rude. Thankyou for your time. -Jon Ekohak

Alli L said...

First off I think your great, and I totally agree with your standpoint about the mascot the fighting Sioux. I think that it a sense of pride of the tribe, and if anything the University is honoring the tribe. I always knew you were a beautiful, smart, woman. Feel better!
<3 David

HLFlug said...

I love to see that you are proud of the mascot name. The UND students wear their name proudly and love to honor the Indian history. I understand those viewpoints of the people who do not like the name, but I don't think that it should change. The name is history. It is powerful and represents the spirit of the school very well. Thanks for listening!
-Editor, The Dakota Student

zoe said...

How can you sit by and watch while our fellow Native Americans have their pride hurt by such a wrongful portrayal of the Sioux? I don't understand how the public can try to look in from the outside and say oh its a fine mascot and not have even talked to some of the students who have Native American background? Me along with my fellow students have hurt pride because of our fellow white students taunting us and teasing us and hollering at us with war chants!

-Winona Native American UND student

Mike B. said...

Marie, I agree with your father's point of view on this. The use of the mascot makes the Sioux tribe a lower part of society. I cant see how anyone could find it respectful when someone could say, "hey, lets go watch the fighting Sioux play." The Sioux is a community of humans, not a team name.

-Douglas Heartman

Jeff T said...

your view of the mascot if perfect if I had any desire to go to a college of my choice i would be honored to where the "fighting Sioux" across my chest.

mollym said...

Hey Babe,
I know that I would feel the same way as you about this issue if I had been accepted into UND. I'm just very upset that all of these years of hard work and training in basketball, baseball and football got be no where. If I were accepted, I would be proud to wear the Sioux on my chest but unfortunately, admissions seems to be racist and prejudice. Though you and I disagree, I still love ya. I'll take you out on a real nice date tonight.
Hugs and Kisses,
Ronnie Tall Bear

Tommy said...

My Marie Little Soldier, I can respect your viewpoint on this issue, and I can gladly say that I am proud of you to see the beauty of a tribal mascot. You should take pride in it as I do, and I'm glad to see that you are proud. This pleases me very much to know I have the support of an Indian Woman herself.

Dan Snidyr

AlyssaV said...

I’m glad you are able to look at both sides of the issue; you’re the first one I’ve seen so far that can do this. I think you are right that Indians should be proud of their mascot and take it as a compliment. You are setting a good example for your people. I wish more of your people would watch how you are reacting to this and take note, they could learn a lot. I think it is a good thing that you are being rational about the issue, though I can’t really see why it’s such a big deal. I’m really sorry my brother killed you. You were a very reasonable and hardworking girl.