Monday, March 17, 2008

Cathy Kristin

I'm Cathy Kristin, a columnist for the Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper. I joined the Star Tribune as a metro columnist in March of 2005. In recent years, the University of Minnesota created a committee that made a decision to forbid the Gophers to play the University of North Dakota sports teams (except in hockey) due to its mascot, the Fighting Sioux. Native Sioux tribes find this name offensive. Also, under a settlement with the NCAA announced in November, UND has three years to try to persuade Sioux tribes in North Dakota to support the fighting sioux nickname and logo. I find all of this to be foolish. Does this mean that the Notre Dame fighting Irish mascot should also be changed? Do Irsih people find this name offensive? I don't think so.

-Kathy Kristin


JHeinitz said...

As captain of the North Dakota hockey team I completely agree. I feel that the mascot is not a huge deal dompared to other issues. I would not allow a racist person to skate on my team with me, so the tribes should feel honored to have us scoring goals for them.

Brandon K. said...

I agree with your views. Our mascot is not degrading at all, and I feel like your comparison with the Fighting Irish is a great example. Why should our name be under fire when it shows the great Sioux tribe. The name is meant as a sign of respect instead of a racist slur.

-Davey Hastol, UND Hockey Coach

HLFlug said...

I see that you are a columnist for the Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper and I find that very neat because I am the Editor of The Dakota Student. I hope to one day work for Star Tribune! Anyways I agree with you on the UND mascot issue. I dont understand why the Indian tribe wouldn't be proud that a college wants to represent them. UND is going to soon change to division 1 athletics and the Indian tribes should be proud to be the mascot!

mgartner said...

Cathy Kristin,
I'm glad to hear that the mascot name, the "fighting sioux," was not made with the intention to mock our tribe. It's good to hear that the name is respected and brings pride to the team.
-Sitting Moose

Jake S said...

I completely agree with your view Cathy. Why do the Sioux have such a problem with their own name? The name wasn't given to make fun of the tribe. I'm sure that every hockey player that puts on that Sioux jersey takes great pride in that name. And if this name were to change, where would the changing of mascots end? Would the Irish people in the world want the Fighting Irish to go? This topic is blown out of proportion, and needs to be dropped.

Gloria Hayden

Ryan Vaudreuil said...

Hi, I'm Len McAuley and I'm 100% Irish, can't you tell by the name. I would have to say that I'm honored to have the Notre Dame mascot named after my people. In fact the only reason that I like Notre Dame is because of the mascot. It would be a crying shame if any school had to change their mascot because other people find it offensive. There is so much history in the name and so much pride that it would be a terrible thing to change.

-Deputy Len McAuley

APaetz said...

Dear Cathy,

I agree with your argument. I really do feel that this issue is being taken to far. I would be interested to see how most would answer the questions you asked. I think you make very good points and are a very good writer.

~Gale Hayden

Laura B said...

Hello Cathy. I respect your viewpoint. I disagree with you on it though. I think that the name was not intended to be disrespectful, but that is how it is recieved and that is how some people act towards the mascot. The school does have a lot of school spirit, and I think that some of the students are being mean. Thankyou for your time. -Jon Ekohak

Emily_P said...

Dear Cathy Kristin,

As President of the University of North Dakota, I am happy to find that citizens from other states support our team's logo. The logo and mascot itself is to be taken in high respect. I hope you continue to to cover the NCAA story while continuing to look at both sides of the issue. Thank you from the University of North Dakota.


Chuck Kupcello
President of UND

Josh R said...

Being a writer I acknowledge your thoughts. I have friends who work at the Star Tribune. They and I both agree with you that it is no big deal as long as my people are respected. What if the star tribune was called the Indian tribune. This would be weird because not everyone in the area is North American. Some people would feel that the paper is not for them. I wonder if that is how UND is looked at. Is the mascot shown to represent something else, honor like others say it is. Does that mean then that only Native Americans should go there. Give me your thoughts. I leave you in peace.
-Little Wing