Thursday, March 20, 2008

David Hayden

Hey I am David Hayden.  I am a pretty simple 12 year old boy, who lives in Montana with my Mom and Dad.  I love to fish and ride my beautiful horse Nutty. I have never been much into sports, I tried to throw around a football a couple times but it never came naturally to me.  I would much rather hang around outdoors and exploring the boring city of Bentrock.  I don't have much of an opinion on UND's mascot the Fighting Soiux.  However I don't understand why it would be seen as offensive.  I think that Native Americans should be proud that the University is honoring a tribe of brave people. I don't see the big stink on the whole thing, If anything I would think that Native Americans would be happy about a great college using the sioux tribes name to represent them. 


Jake S said...

O that is just a darling picture there, but how do you feel about the actual mascot name being the Sioux? Get back to me.

Gloria Hayden

LDea said...

Hey Davy!!
Thats quite the pic. you have there! I think I may remember when your mother took that picture over at the creek. But Im very interested to her about your opinion on this topic. Having to live with you, Im interested what you think of the Indian background.

Marie Little Solider

DJFrey said...
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DJFrey said...

Look here David, you are like a son to me, and you can't be fishing in that hot weather you'll get a sunburn. But you should let me know how you feel about them fighting Sioux... I think they need to just let it be.

Frank Hayden

APaetz said...

Dear David,

My dearest son i adore you so much. Dont worry about this issue. It is nothing you should be exposed too in the first place. Just always remember what mommy has taught you about treating others. Treat everyone equally and judge no one by there cover. You will grow to be a great and wise man if you go through life with that mind set about others.

Love Always,

Gale Hayden (mom)

Laura B said...

Hi David. I would like to hear what you think about this issue. I think you would have an interesting view point because you lived a Native American and your grandpa is racist. Let me know what you think about the UND mascot. Thankyou for your time. -Jon Ekohak

emilyo said...

My little Davy
That is such a cute picture. You don't need to have an opinion on this you are to young. Don't worry about it.
-Enid Hayden

Jeff T said...

your a cute little kid you just keep on fishing when you get older you will be able to understand the meaning of the name "fighting sioux" and realize that its not a big deal and we are proud of our name.

mollym said...

Maybe you'll get more of an opinion on the issue once you grow up a little bit. You seem like a smart kid. Also, I know you have the hots for my girlfriend so back off!!
-Ronnie Tall Bear

Tommy said...

HEY THERE LITTLE GUY! You like to fish huh? Me too. Well kiddo, let me tell you a little something about these Indian mascots, they're great! You see, by using Indians as our mascot we are showing pride and respect for our founders of this great country. So really, it is a very good thing to have Indian mascots because we can honor Indians in this way. Catch me a big one!

Dan Snidyr

AlyssaV said...

Don’t let these people pressure you. I think the opinion you posted was very valid and I don’t really understand why people are badgering you. A 12-year old boy should not have to have an opinion on matters like these. We’ll talk about it one of these days when you’re older. It’s sort of like those moccasins that I won’t let you wear. Same type of issue. You are, of course, entitled to your own opinion but you should know what your mother and I think. You are on the right track, Indians should be proud to have a mascot named after them. However, I think it is hard for people that are not Indians to be represented by such a mascot. I’d prefer you didn’t go to UND while they still have that mascot. I don’t think people who don’t live near reservations understand the culture. I think that’s how this whole mess got started. Someone mistook the Indians for a group of people that should represent strong sports and academics. Anyway, I won’t discuss this further. We’ll talk at home.