Monday, March 17, 2008

Enid Hayden

I live on a ranch near Bentrock, Montana with my husband. Together we have two boys Wesley and Frank. My husband gives more of his affection to Frank, even though Wesley was the one who took over his job as the sherrif. Frank is the local doctor. My family thinks I will die from worrying too much so they keep things from me. I tend to be a perfectionist, I want everything to be perfect. I am usually very quiet and I let my husband do most of the talking.
I don't think the mascot issue is that big of a deal.


Jillian said...

Enid, you don't really seem to have your own opinions. You should really think for yourself and make your opinions heard. I am all for Native American rights and stand up for all of my beliefs and you should to.

Michelle said...

Exactly. The University is not disrespecting the tribe it is trying to honor them but is that enough for those Indians? Apparently not! What more do they want? Our entire country to be named after them? Hi welcome to the United States of the Sioux tribe. Sorry but NO! They are lucky they even get a University. If it were up to me they would have nothing to honor them. They never really did anything honorable.
Julian Hayden