Monday, March 17, 2008

Ronnie Tall Bear

Hello all, I'm Ronnie Tall Bear. I am a ranch worker just north of Mercer County, Montana. I have a beautiful girlfriend Marie Little Soldier. I grew up in Mercer and graduated from Bentrock High School a few years ago. Go Mustangs! I was very active in my high school and I enjoyed playing almost every sport. Some even called me 'one of the finest athletes our region had ever produced.' I was the star fullback for the football team and the highest scoring forward in basketball. In track and field, I set school records in javelin, discuss and the 440-yard dash. Also, I played baseball for the American Legion team where I pitched and played outfield. Out of all of the sports I played, basketball was my favorite. Ever since I was young, I dreamt of playing basketball for the University of North Dakota. I was hoping for a scholarship from UND because I'm not able to pay for college. Unfortunately, I didn't receive one. I didn't even get accepted. Devastated from my dreams being crushed, I decided to join the army. I fought in the infantry during the war...definitely a downgrade from where I hoped I would be. Unfortunately because of prejudice, I wasn't able to fulfill my life long dreams, just because I am a Native American.

I am extremely opposed to UND using the Sioux for their mascot. They are seriously contradicting themselves. How can they "proudly" represent a Native American as their mascot, but won't even accept one as a student? It is extremely unfair that they didn't accept me because I feel I deserve it very much, but then to say that they "love" the Sioux. I am fine with UND keeping their mascot, as soon as they loose all of their prejudice and racism.


LaurenVann said...

Perhaps the reason you were not accepted into UND was due to your grades. Being a good athlete does not automatically give you an immediate pass into college.
It strikes me odd as to why you oppose the "fighting Sioux" mascot. The mascot was created by a Native American in order to symbolize success for UND. I'm not quite sure as to why you would oppose success.
-Cathy Kristin

Brandon K. said...

The mascot is meant to represent the Sioux in a positive manor. It only seems like you have this stance because UND wouldn't accept you as a student. Just because you are Native American, doesn't mean that we will accept you. The Fighting Irish doesn't accept every Irish person that applies.

-Davey Hastol, UND Hockey Coach

mgartner said...

I'm sorry to hear about your rejection from UND. I totally agree about your statement saying 'how can they say they take pride in the Sioux when they don't even accept one as a student?' This makes a lot of sense. I also agree that I wouldn't have a problem with the mascot name if they got rid of their prejudice and racism and accepted students from the tribe from which they got their mascot name.
-Sitting Moose

Ryan Vaudreuil said...

That too bad that you didn't get into the school because you might have been able to help them out in football and basketball. But, as many people have found out the hard way, you don't always get into the school that you want. You are right to not have a problem with the mascot. There is nothing racist about it. If there was, there is nothing that any Indians could do about it anyway.

-Deputy Len McAuley

Laura B said...

Dear Ronnie, I think you make a lot of great points. Sorry to hear that you werent accepted into the school. I think that you are right in that they are contradicting themselves. I completely agree with you. Thankyou for your time and concideration. -Jon Ekohak

Josh R said...

Ronnie, my boy, I can only hope that you did not get into UND for other reasons than being a Native American. If UND was anyhow racist against letting you in then i find it preposterous that they turn the cheek and use our name to represent them. In other cases I have pulled for keeping the mascot the same but your story leads me to change my views. No one will really know if it is because of race that you did not get in, making it hard to judge the school on morals. I leave you in peace.
-Little Wing