Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mike Sanders

Hi my name is Mike Sanders. I am a graduate Student of University of North Dakota. I was part of the school newspaper during my time there. UND was my first choice of school because I loved the athletic program. I have never been very athletic, but I have always enjoyed watching and writing about sports.

I feel very strongly about the "Fighting Souix" athletic team names. I have been involved in many discussions. I even write about my experiences. I have researched the Souix name, and its rich tradition. that is my paper I wrote about how the Fighting Souix became what it is today. People at UND are still pressing for a change though. They do not like the riducle that they have to withstand every day. They go to Athletic events and hear things like F the Souix. I am in support of the student body that wants to change the name. Today there are over 30 programs and services for the Native student population. But, as long as the name continues, there will be an atmosphere of harassment toward the Native student population.


HLFlug said...

Hello! I do not think that the mascot name should change because UND is a wonderful representation of the tribe. Like you said, UND is on the change to division 1 athletics therefore it proves the point that the college is proudly representing the “Fighting Sioux” name with their strength and determination. As far as the ridicule that you mentioned, it happens at every school. There are fans that yell and use derogatory terms but they are not necessarily making fun of the Indian tribe. The name should not change.
-Editor, The Dakota Student

LaurenVann said...

Although I'm sure it's tough for the sports players to go through ridicule, every sports team does. If the UND mascot were to be changes, there would still be ridule. They may not be saying "F-the Sioux" but those chants were never meant to bring down the Native American tribe in any way.
-Cathy Kristin

Ryan Vaudreuil said...

Just a question for you Mike. Why do you go to UND if you don't like the name. You say you like sports and watching them, you could have done that at almost any other school. Another question is why do you think fighting Sioux is racist. It is just who they are. They are the Sioux and they have faught many battles. Not racist. Finally, why do you care about it. You are not an Indian so why do you care what Indians think. It doesn't even matter what Indians think anyway.

-Deputy Len McAuley

Laura B said...

Mike, thankyou for your knowledge about this issue and making an informed decision. I too agree that the name should be changed. Thank you for your time. -Jon Ekohak

Chelseaw said...

I don't understand your reasoning for wanting to change the "Fighting Sioux" name. Changing the mascot will not completely get rid of all racism. You can't change what other people think just by changing the mascot. I think that the "Sioux" shows pride. It represents the Sioux tribe in a positive way.
-Tim Smith

HLFlug said...

You have no idea who you are dealing with . I am a strong respected women and I have earned my position as Editor. I have read all the opinions of the society and understand both viewpoints. I respect the argument that the name is being mocked, but I do not think that it should change. The students wear their name proudly and love the represent the Indian history!

HLFlug said...

well mike,
you said that i was too young to have a good opinion so I will have to think about that offer...

Jeff T said...

i do not think the name should be changed because of the pride that Sioux take in there name out of respect of fellow Native Americans I have full intentions in never seeing the mascot name be changed.

Michelle said...

How have we mistreated the Native Americans? The University is trying to honor them with their name but they apparently don't want it. And if they are upset about the Fighting part then get over it. I have said it once and I'll say it again. They fought. Since they did it they have to live with the name. If they didn't want it then don't fight! The Irish fought and now they live with the mascot of the Fighting Irish. Yeah no one really cares about that mascot and the Ineians shouldn't care about UND's either.
Julian Hayden

mollym said...

I am also very interested in athletics although unlike you, I actually am extremely athletic. I played varsity football, baseball and basketball at my high school and I set a ton of records. I made good grades in high school and all I wanted to do was go to UND, ever since I was young. I was hoping to receive an athletic scholarship, but was still fine if I didn't get one. I never expected to be rejected though, which is what happened. Because of the racism and hypocrisy of the school (proudly representing the sioux but not actually accepting one as a student) I am against the mascot. I also wasn't aware of sayings like "F the Sioux" and though I am not of the Sioux tribe, I can imagine what it would feel like to hear that if you were. Thank you for all the effort you're putting into this. I really appreciate it and I'm sure many, many others do as well.
-Ronnie Tall Bear

Tommy said...

Mike Mike Mike. I can see that maybe some kids might want to change the name, but the simple matter of it is, the majority of people don't want it to be changed. I believe that if this issue is not dealt with by majority, then things could get even more controversial. So, let's just make it easy on oursleves and keep the name they way it is. Ok? Talk to you later. GO REDSKINS!

Dan Snidyr

Gorman said...

Hey Mike,

That's sad that people chant things such as "F the Sioux," but that's how athletics work. It's all about competition and the fans part of the game is to get in the other team's head. I'm sure they're are plenty other derogatory names yelled at teams. Just because this one happens to be related to a tribe doesn't mean it NEEDS to be changed. Tradition, tradition, tradition.

Doris Strickland

JHeinitz said...

Hey Sandman,
What's the deal man? you said you were loving the sports team and a big supporter of the athletes but I'm not getting that vibe. If you were a true fan you would know how we as athletes really feel and look at our mascot. Do we run around the locker room chanting with a feather on our head to make fun of them?? No way in sam hell peck in paw. We hold our heads high and play for them.
Kris Porther

AlyMcP said...

Oh how I must disagree with you sir. There will not be major problems if the mascot stays the same. Just let some time pass, and people will realize that they were interpreting this situation in the wrong manner. Have a good day, -Ollie Young Bear