Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Julian Hayden

Hi I am Julian Hayden. I am married and have two sons, Wesley and Frank, and one grandson, Davey. I am very proud of my sons. Frank went off to war and served for our country. I clipped every newspaper article that ever mentioned his name and keep them to show others what a great man he is. When he returned he went on to medical school and is now the town doctor. Wesley never left for the war and stayed to receive my position as town sheriff. I was sheriff for many years before I retired and passed it down to him. Some people wonder why I passed the badge down to Wesley and not Frank. Frank was the ideal man to become sheriff but I knew some things about him that made me realize he would not be the best candidate so it went to Wesley. Frank always liked to hang out on the reservations and lets just say I was glad to see Frank with a white woman as a wife.

I don't mind the Indians on the reservation as long as they stay there and don't bother us in town. They are very superstitious and lazy and need to learn our modern ways of doing things. The mascot at UND should not be changed. It is not degrading towards the Indians at all. They fought the whites and their tribal name was the Sioux so why would would the Fighting Sioux be degrading. They did it so they should live with it. Just because a couple of lazy red skinned Indians thought the mascot doesn't represent their culture doesn't mean an entire university has to change everything on campus to please them. That's ridiculous. What if I thought the University of Notre Dame's the Fighting Irish was degrading to me because I was two percent Irish? Not all Irish fight and have red hair! But no one fights that because we are not the minority. The Indians are a minority and think that they are special because of it. But they aren't and they don't get special treatments. They already got some of our land for their reservations so shouldn't they be happy? No, now they need to change the mascot because it hurts their feelings. Too bad! I say get over it and leave the University of North Dakota alone.


mgartner said...
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mgartner said...

As a leader of a Native American tribe I take offense to the way you say this. We are human beings and shouldn't be made into mascots. There are many other things a team can be called, why use a name that offends my people? It is partially an honor because it shows that our strength as fighters is recognized.

-Sitting Moose

mgartner said...

I just read both your comments and while I am feeling very threatened to vote in your favor, I feel that if the only way you can persuade me is by threatening to kill me, then your side must not be the right one to be on. The "Fighting Sioux" name should only be used to honor our tribe, since you convinced me that no one appreciates the name I am not siding with you on this issue.
-Sitting Moose

zoe said...

It is people like you that create a horrible atmosphere on the UND campus and promote wrongful stereotypes in this world. Get with the times, it is 2008, NOT the 1950s.

-Winona, Native American UND student

APaetz said...

My dearest Julian. I adore you so much. The issue at end is one i think we must discuss. I strongly disagree with the way you presented yourself. You make it seem like our family is against Native Americans. For goodness sakes my dear we have a young Native American working in our very house. You can not think it is ok to talk about someone like that. Everyone is equal with one another, we have talked about this many times. We will talk when you get home today.

Love Always,

Gail Hayden

Emily G said...

I am extremely offended. "They are very superstitious and lazy and need to learn our modern ways of doing things." There is no reason to speak this way, of anyone, of any culture. I am curious who raised you and where these beliefs are coming from. I hope our paths don't cross.

Doris Looks Away

Brandon K. said...

I completely disgree with your statement about Native Americans. I respect the Native Americans and how they keep with their traditions. They live in a respectful way, that is not harmful to us, you probably wouldn't even know who they are if you never heard about them. Yet you complain that they are lazy, when they work more than you do. They hunt for themselves, but what do you do? Go to the grocery store to buy the meal. They make their shoes by hand, but all you do is go to th store and buy them. I feel like you do not truly understand the Native Americans at all.

-Davey Hastol, UND Hockey Coach

emilyo said...

I think the indians must be confused. The mascot isn't to disrespect them its to support them.
Anyways come home and eat I made your favorite.
-Enid Hayden

Laura B said...

Julian, it is hard for me to respect your opinion because you are being disrespectful. I feel disrespected by your comment and I hope that you continue to beleive what you want, but in a way that is respectful and is not degrading to others.

ABarmore said...

You are a terrible parent. You are trying to save your son, even though he committed a serious crime. You are wrong. And the example you used about the Irish is terrible. The American people have never disrespected the Irish like we have the Native Americans. It is a sign of disrespect by using the Fighting Sioux name. It does do anyone any Justice by keeping the name.
-mike sanders

Chelseaw said...

I do agree that the mascot for UND should remain the same, but I strongly disagree with what you have to say about Indians. I do no think they are lazy in any way. They do have different ways of doing things but this goes back to what their ancestors did. They are only going along with what they have always done. They are proud of their history and I don't think they need to change what they have been doing for so many years.
-Tim Smith

APaetz said...


I am sorry i sent my comment to you. It was intended to go to your son. I do still disagree with the way you worded your comments about the native americans. Although i know we have different views. I apoligize again for the previous comment that was not intended for you. See you soon.

~Gale Hayden

AlyssaV said...

I’d rather you didn’t go into a whole thing about the family next time you write a bio. It’s awkward to read. I agree that it’s wrong that the Indians have to make a big fuss and dispute their mascot while the Irish don’t say a word about their mascot. I think you were right in assuming that the mascot doesn’t represent individuals, but the stereotype of the people as a whole. Unlike you I do think the mascot should be changed. Would you want to be represented by an Indian? They aren’t even supposed to go to college, look at Ronnie, Marie’s boyfriend, he was a star athlete but none of the colleges wanted him. Any anyway, for the most part, they are a lazy people.
I’ll see you and Grandma later on the ranch. We have to get the whole Frank thing sorted.

Alli L said...

Dear Grandpa,
I agree with you on this topic however not on your view of Indians. I think that the tribe should be honored that fine University like UND would honor them. I'll see you soon, I am probably going to come ride Nutty soon.
- David