Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ayy Frank Hayden

Frank Hayden Here...and I am tired of this arguing over the Native American Mascots. Who really cares what those lesser red meats think? I mean true, there is nothing wrong with a little medicine and red meat, but why are you people concerned with what those Indians think? Especially you white folks standing up for them, you out to know better by now that their opinions don't matter. Just the other day I was with this Indian girl, trying to diagnose her fever, and boy did she fight me over it, I don't know what her deal was, but she was not letting me touch her. The fight in her lead me to see the reason teams like the fighting Sioux chose such a mascot, I would love to coach any football or debate team that fought like she did with me.
Like I was saying just let the mascots do their thing, the Indians can't take too much offense to it, it is only a name, why not be happy with the recognition and quit complaining? Seriously I have helped many Indian girls before and they always seem to complain when I arrive, it is really uncalled for. The girls act like I am going to hurt them or something, I am just here to help them diagnose and relieve their problems. In all seriousness just let the mascots be and ignore the complaints.


HLFlug said...

Hello Doctor,
I see that you are very reliant on the white domination in our society. I agree with you in the sense that the Indians should be happy with the recognition of their name, however you are being terrible by saying that their feelings shouldn't matter. They are human beings just like you and I and should be treated with the same respect as any white American. I see why they scream when you are around them. How can you can you treat them so horribly?
-Editor, The Dakota Student

LDea said...

Frank... I understand where you are coming from. My father is very uptight and is very "racist" if you will about the Indian tribes. But I will try to kick him in shape, but when he thinks things there is usually no changing that opinion.

Marie Little Solider

Ryan Vaudreuil said...

You're right about the mascots not changing. Indians shouldn't be complaining about stuff like that. If I was an Indian girl in your neck of the woods, I'd be complaining about something else. Its not right to be doing what you're doing with your patiants. You better watch out for the law, buddy!

Sincerely your deputy,
Len McAuley

Jake S said...

O baby cakes I can't wait to have some nice babies with you either. I hear your great with the Native Americans, what about me? Well anyways I'm very glad you feel the same way I do about the mascots. I find it amazing that people can get this worked up about a goll darn mascot. Well baby I have to get cooking dinner, I know you love your tator tot hot dish. Come in the kitchen when your ready I'm wearing your favorite apron too! ; )

Gloria Hayden

Ryan Vaudreuil said...

I've got nothing against you buddy, but you really need to clean up your act. You can't just go raping and killing Indian women just because they are Indian, that just isn't right. Sooner or later, the law is gonna get you. I'm starting to think its gonna be sooner because I read the book. You're such a baby about getting locked up for a day that you go ahead and slit your little wrists like a teenage girl. You fought the law and the law won. God, they should make that into a song. Maybe they will in the 60s.

-Deputy Len McAuley

Gorman said...

Where's the compassion for the Native Americans? Show some respect so we can all live together in harmony, please! There's no doubt that UND should be able to keep their mascot, but let's not disregard the Sioux tribes in general. Indians should be respected which is why they should keep the Fighting Sioux name, not just because we don't care for them.

ABarmore said...

Doctor Frank,
First before I start talking about the mascot issue. You are very disgusting man. You should go to prison and never come out for the rest of your life. The feelings of the tribe should be taken into consideration when deciding if the name should be kept or not. The name needs to go, and the name needs to go fast. If it is never changed, people will be challenged forever.
-mike sanders

Laura B said...

Hello. I think that your opinion would be received better if you were more respectful. I disagree with you but I respect your opinion. We are all humans and I think that everyone should be respected and their beliefs should be valued. You might feel differently about this if you were disrespected everywhere you went. -Jon Ekohak

HLFlug said...

Okay Mr.
First of all I do not think that I can tell people what to do just because I am an Editor of The Dakota Student. All I am saying is that I respect the opinion of the minority but I simply disagree. People can either agree with me or not, it is their choice. Also, Indians deserve more than just the land that we give them. They should have the same rights that any other white has.
-Editor, The Dakota Student

mollym said...

I can't believe you. I'm ashamed to even be writing on your blog wall. Don't pretend like you're all confused when your Native American patients freak out when you're treating them. Who wouldn't? You're disgusting and you know exactly what you're doing. Needless to say, I disagree with you on your stance on our issue at hand. Marie is my girlfriend and you better watch your back because I'm comin' for you, and trust me, I'm not a small guy.
-Ronnie Tall Bear

Mike B. said...

wow Frank, i got quite a kick out of your introduction. You are quite the racist and are obviously confused as to why people have problems with the mascot. It is DEGRADING! Ive allready used this example but, I might as well use it again. I think the school should change the mascot to the "rapping doctors." You could be the mascot and run out on the field with your war medals and take advantage of unexpecting paitents. I would love to see your opinions on this subject if that was to happen. It would be the same feeling some of the Sioux tribe feel when the school marches out a little white college kid in "war paint" and have him dance around for the crowds amusment.

Mike B. said...

last post by douglas Heartman

Jeff T said...

This society is too wrapped up with the white man controlling everything, the Native Americans are the ones who should be the ones fighting for the name to stay put I am a native American and I proud to see that the WHITE man was able to show some honor in the Native American past. so frank you need to back down a little bit let matter out of your hands you really have nothing important to say about this .

AlyssaV said...

Woah, Frank
How could I have not seen this before? You're pretty blatant about the goings on down at the reservation. I agree that the Indians shouldn’t complain about the mascot because it’s recognition and they should be glad someone would want to use them as a mascot. However, I wouldn’t go as far to say they’ve got no feelings. We’re not talking about animals or anything. Native Americans are people, even if they have no work ethic or drive and don’t contribute to the community on the whole. It’s still my duty to protect them which means that they are human beings capable of being injured. I do know what you’ve been up to with all those girls, bro. That’s not cool. That’s not the point. Why does everyone want them to be a mascot so badly? They don’t even want to be one, why give them the honor? Maybe they are afraid it causes some extra effort on their part. I don’t know. I sure wouldn’t want them as a mascot.


P.S. I’m arresting you… I just thought I’d give you the heads up.

Tommy said...

yo Frank-o! Glad to see that our opinions here are congruent. I agree that the Indians should be proud to have a mascot named after them than to be offended. It also should be just about the game, not about the mascot. Anyone who cannot see the beauty of the game being played, and only sees the mascot is clearly not focusing on what is important in the game, and in life. Talk to you later Frank.

Dan Snidyr