Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hello all, this Gloria Hayden here. I'm the wife of Frank Hayden a doctor in Mercer County Montana. We work frequently with the Indians around these parts and feel that these people should really take pride in the name the Fighting Sioux. I personally love the name for the team. It seems to be a symbol of pride to our Indians that have lived in this area. The people that oppose this idea really just have to get over the fact that it is just a mascot. I mean why are people taking this so seriously, just like Dan Snidyr said below. I say let the players themselves decide if the name is appropriate or not. And I think if they were to do this, the majority would clearly be in favor of keeping the mascot name. This issue needs to be dropped, and the games should be played without worrying about a nickname. Well thats really all I have, thanks for listening.


mgartner said...

Gloria Hayden,
I agree that this issue has been blown way out of proportion, and that we should do what we can to make peace with all of this. I have heard from many students and UND officials regarding this issue, and they take pride in the name of the "fighting Sioux." This helps me to realize that the mascot is representing a school that means no disrespect to our tribe. I'm glad to hear you think the name is honorable, that's what we hope from everyone.
-Sitting Moose

LDea said...

Gloria Hayden,
I think we should keep the mascot too, but I don't think the players should get to pick if they want the mascot or not. They did not come from our background, so it wouldn't ever seem defensive to them or not. Coming from the Indian background I don't find it defensive, but I know others do in my tribe. I don't see it as people mocking our tribe at any means. I think they should be able to use our symbol for teams. Our tribe has strong individuals and im glad the teams at UND can follow with the strong intensity they do each game they play. Thanks for your time!

Marie Little Solider

LaurenVann said...

I completely agree with you. Why is everybody blowing this mascot controversy out of proportion so much? I believe everyone needs to lighten up and understand this is a mascot and it is intended to bring pride to the school and not controversy. Some peope are just wrapped up with being too politically correct these days.
-Cathy Kristin

DJFrey said...

Oh hunny buns I can't wait to have kids with you, you are so gorgeous! But truth told this is blown way out of proportion, the Indians have no right to change our American institution's mascot, and why should the whites care? By golly

Frank Hayden

DJFrey said...
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DJFrey said...

darlin darlin, what did I tell you about bringing up those natives when we have our alone time? But yes! Is it the green polka dot apron that is rather skimpy? Oh pumpkin how you excite me, I know exactly how to get all this mascot bologna off our minds.

Frank Hayden

ABarmore said...

The mascot name should go. It is not working for anyone. It is creating a big fuss, and it leaves an opportunity for fan ridicule. People get made fun of because of the name. The players only get picked on because of the mascot name. We need to get rid of it. Your husband is disgusting by the way.
-mike sanders

emilyo said...

you are a very smart women. This whole thing has blown up way to much. Whats the big deal. Everyone should just let it go.
-Enid Hayden

Laura B said...

Hello. I agree with you that the games should continue to be played. I think that the name is disrepectful but I can understand where you are coming from. I think that UND would be able to move forward with a new name and that a respectful name might bring more school spirit to UND. -Jon Ekohak

HLFlug said...

Dear Gloria,
I agree with you. I love the mascot name and I believe that the Indians should be proud that the students at UND want to represent their power in our history. I do know that there is way too much mocking of the Indian culture and it needs to stop, but changing the name is unnecessary. The mocking happens at every school. The fans from the opposing teams yell derogatory comments at the other team. Its just the way that it is. The UND Students wear their name with honor and it should stay that way.
-Editor, The Dakota Student

Alli L said...

Hey mom, I agree with your opinions on the fight sioux. I think we should keep the mascot. I feel that it is showing the bravery and strength of the sioux tribe. If anything I think the name is honoring the tribe not trying to dehumanize a certain group of people.

Mike B. said...

Hi gloria, it is nice to see someone on your side of the spectrum have an opinion that isnt racist. Well anyways I have to say I disagree with you about the mascot. It is degrading and doesnt give the tribes any more pride than they allready have. I disagree with you that the players should decide the issue. It should be the fans and surrounding community. They are the ones affected by the name. Most of the players just play for the school so they can pay for their education, they don't care if their mascot is offensive or not.

-Douglas Heartman

Jeff T said...

I couldn't agree with your more the name of the mascot is perfect the way it is. I feel that we should end all of this nonsense and go back to living normal conflict free life's. As a fellow Native American I am proud of the name "Fighting Sioux" and think is should never be changed.

mollym said...

I'm really glad that you are so comfortable with the Native Americans and you are so kind to them. Not many around here are. Unfortunately, seeing as you are oblivious to your husbands secret agenda, I believe you are also oblivious to the issue at hand. However, I do respect that overall you just wish for peace and for the issue to be dropped. I don't know how a nice lady like you ended up with that pervey husband of yours.
-Ronnie Tall Bear

Tommy said...

Gloria, may I please start this blog by saying that I really love that fabulous glamour shot of you, I didn't know they made those in 1948. But back to the UND controversy, I have to say that I agree with you all the way. I like the idea of having an Indian as a mascot, and the Indians really do just have to realize that the game being played is the most important thing to be looked at here. Well I'll talk to you later.

p.s. Once again, fab glamour shot.

Dan Snidyr