Sunday, March 23, 2008

Gramm Greenn

Hello every one my name is Gramm Green I am a proud Oneida Native American I was born in Ohsweken on the Six Nations Resesrve in Ontario. I graduated from the Center for Indigenous Theatre's Native Theatre School program in 1974. I have been in many famous films such as the Green Mile and Maverick. I am very proud of my heritage and honored to be able to have many Mascots named after Native Americans controversy over the UND fighting Sioux. To change the name of the mascot would be wrong. It would take away much pride that I have for my Native American Heritage. The fighting Sioux also gives you a sense of pride of our country's past, so for me personally I say stop making a big deal about the name of the mascot and let the students of UND have a good experience there with out having to worry about conflicts such as this. Thank you and have a good day


ABarmore said...

You are a native american and you don't think that this is wrong? That is obscene. The name needs to go right now. The ridicule that the students live in is terrible. They do not like the situation they live in. If they say they do, it is a lie. We need to change the name, and I will fight for it.
-mike sanders

Laura B said...

Gramm, thank you for your input. I think that you make a good point, but I think that you are wrong in that it would take away from our pride. I think that UND would be doing the right thing in changing the name.

emilyo said...

Since you are a Native American and you don't think it is wrong I think everyone should just let it be.
-Enid Hayden

AlyMcP said...

I agree with you. I am also Native American, and this issue is being taken way out of hand. All Native Americans should feel proud and honored, that they were chosen to represent this large student body. The Fighting Sioux is a respectful name, and shows the determination we have as people, as Native Americans. Thank you for realizing that this is not a big issue at hand.
Sincerely, Ollie Young Bear

zoe said...

Pride for our past? What are you talking about? And country's past??? Oh yeah, fighting is such a great thing to be proud of! Take a second look at your opinion and understand what the rest of your fellow native american's are feeling as they are being opressed on campus at UND.
-Winona Native American UND student

Mike B. said...

I like your explaining and understanding about the mascot situation in North Dakota but I cant say I understand it. Mascots are generally animals or even a fictional or cartoon like character. To say that the name of your people can be classified in a group like that doesnt seem to give your people pride. From my perspective it seems like a slap in the face. Its like the school is saying that you're people's part in society is equal to that of other mascots like the U of M's Gophers or Wisconsin's Badgers. The last I checked the Sioux are people, not animals.

-Douglas Heartman

Josh R said...

My brother, I couldn't agree more with you. As a jury member I'm not supposed to say that but it is what I have come to believe. As long as there is peace then I am content letting UND represent our people. I do think that the "Sioux" mascot can be a big deal if we are represented in a bad light. Every time I hear the name "Fighting Sioux," it brings me back to the war of 1812. Honor, yes, but o so many memories. I leave you in peace.
-Little Wing

Jeff T said...

mike I feel where you are coming from but it is not obscene the name is perfect it ridicule is blow way out of proportion some of the students may have a problem with is but for the most part the majority of them feel it is just fine

DJFrey said...

This society is too wrapped up with the white man controlling everything, the Native Americans are the ones who should be the ones fighting for the name to stay put I am a native American and I proud to see that the WHITE man was able to show some honor in the Native American past. so frank you need to back down a little bit let matter out of your hands you really have nothing important to say about this .

White men deserve to wrap themselves in power, we deserve it. We have fought hard to make this country as great as it is today, why shouldn't we reign supreme? My family is the law, the medicine, and the wealth of my town and I wouldn't have it any other way but white. These Indian girls know me too, and they all love me, I have it made Gramm, you're just jealous.

Frank Hayden

AlyssaV said...

Mr. Greenn,
I agree with you that I spent a majority of my bio talking about myself. However I think the things I wrote are important in explaining my stance on the issue. I am firmly uninvolved in this issue. To be honest, the mascot doesn't affect my life at all. I was a UND student but because of my leg was never really into sports there, and thus never really had contact with its effects on the student. If you want me to be honest, I didn't like being represented by and Indian mascot. I don't care much for their culture and don't think a majority of them set a very good example to live by.
-Wes Hayden

Tommy said...

Gramm, that's a very intimidating picture of you, you're scaring me buddy. But you lighten my spirits by what you say about this UND controversy. As Redskin owner, I am proud to see that a studly Native American such as yourself has accepted the mascot, embraced it even. I am happy to know that you and I are on the same page. See you later Mr. Greenn.

Dan Snidyr